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To give you more information on what our Online Pharmacy and Medicine blog is all about, we have made a compilation of the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Our pharmacy online will provide you more answers from your queries through our contact support. People use to prefer generics since they are about 80% less of the price for a branded type of medicine. Yes, generics are cheaper. Nevertheless, they exhibit the same level of efficiency and accuracy to treat an illness just like branded drugs. This is because the companies that produce generic drug spent less in advertising their drugs thus cutting cost from them to spend. That is why the price of the generic drugs are lower that the branded medications.

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The appearance of our generic medicines is not the same as the presence of a branded drug. But what matters is that our generic drugs have the same composition as that of a branded drug. You can order our products directly online. We do not accept orders from telephone calls. This is by our Privacy Policy. If you prefer bank payment, this can be done through a wire or bank to bank transfer. You can do this with the help of the online banking system. You can also ask the assistance of your bank operator. You do not need to pay for the doctor’s consultation fee at our online pharmacy. It is free of charge. We ship orders separately for us to comply with the different sending options from our direct suppliers of our medications and supplements.

You may get your order once your bank has approved your payment. Once our doctor has already recommended the prescription, then that is the time your order becomes officially accepted. We can ship your order at a span of 1 to 2 business days. You will be able to receive your order is plain packaging only so as to serve your protection too. You can avail many discounts when you have availed our products online, and the order status has been changed to “Shipped.” You can still access other information regarding our business by clicking the “FAQ” tab.