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Insomnia Natural Cures

Should you be stuck on the sleeping aids yet wish to locate a fresh treatment for your insomnia, then you’re in luck. Listed down the page are 3 natural ways to cure insomnia that will have you sleeping better than ever before. These potent cures for insomnia will convince you — once and for all — that sleeping pills are only for dummies.

Overcome Sleeplessness With These 3 Natural Insomnia Remedies.

1. One of the best insomnia natural cures around is a hot bath with added ambien bath oils. Obviously, the bath oil cannot simply be any common oil — it must be an herbal oil that is recognized for its sleep inducing benefits; I.E. jasmine, valerian, passionflower, etc. The smell of the oil will help you relax and get comfortable. Mix that relaxation with the herbal oil’s natural sleep-inducing qualities, and you’ll be ready for deep sleep within minutes instead of hours.

2. Another great natural cure for insomnia is deep massage. A deep massage treatment won’t only relax you by relieving stress & tension, but it will even help to put you in the perfect “mood” for sleep — a more relaxed “I’m 100% ready to go to bed” kind of mood. A full body massage with herbal massage lotions is best, but even a gentle shoulder rub is better than nothing at all.

3. Of all the natural remedies for insomnia, herbal tea combined with sound sleep tracks has to be the very best. How come these remedies aren’t separate? Why are they merged into one insomnia cure? Because most folks find it’s a successful one-two punch for getting rid of insomnia quickly and more efficiently.

To do this method, you just need natural tea (chamomile, valerian, jasmine, passionflower, lavender, etc.) and sleep tracks CD. Here’s what you do: Prepare a cup of the tea and then relax & drink it down. As soon as you are done, head on into your bedroom, pop in the sleep tracks CD and then hop into bed. Within just minutes, you will be sleeping like a baby — that’s it. The reason this works so well is that the tea relaxes & soothes the body (not to mention induces heavy sleepiness). Aside from that, the sleep track does what no other treatment is capable of doing, it lessens brainwave activity and gets your brain better prepared for deep sleep. Where You Can Get Tea: Any local grocery store or nutrition store. Best Place to Get a Sleep track CD: Specialty websites.

With natural insomnia remedies like these available, why in the world would you even consider taking OTC sleep aids to cure insomnia & sleep deprivation problems? Seriously, does it make any sense at all?

How to Treat Panic Attacks

Suffering from panic attacks can be a debilitating experience. Many sufferers hide away in shame, or are unable to cope with their jobs, social lives, or even leaving home. But there is good news. If you are a sufferer, you can learn how to treat panic attacks and start to get on top of the problem.

First of all, you should talk it through with your family doctor. He or she will run some health checks to find out whether another health problem is behind your panic attacks. If it is, it will be treated, and you will be okay again. If not, then you will be referred to a specialist who can do a lot of things to help you, including teaching you how to help yourself.

We all suffer from periods of panic, be it caused by tumultuous times, or an exciting roller coaster ride. For many, however, it is a far more serious issue than that, which can be so severe they are rendered immobile. Known as Panic Attacks, these can be devastating. As a result, learning how to stop a panic attack can be a real benefit.


The causes of panic attacks are many and varied, and like most medical issues very much unique to the individual. The most common causes are genetics, circumstances and life experiences. Much more suffer from them as a result of drug abuse.

Common symptoms of panic attacks include rapid breathing, excessive and irrational sweating, a pounding heartbeat and an overwhelming sense of losing control. In the most severe of cases, sufferers can have a very real sense of impending death.

If your attacks are severe, to the point where you buy ambien online or cannot function normally, you will be prescribed some medicine to help you. Some sufferers are prescribed antidepressants, others, drugs that will contribute to control and manage the symptoms. When your symptoms are under control, you will be able to work through the problem with a specialist who will help you take control of yourself.

Cognitive behavior therapy is a treatment that is very attractive and efficient in treating panic attacks. Treatment is usually combined with medication until your condition improves and you are managing things by yourself. The first part of the healing process is to find the triggers, so you understand why you are having these attacks. The second part gives you tactics for dealing with the panic attacks when they start – to stop them, or at least reduce them. Then the medication can be reduced and eventually stopped because you are either managing your panic attacks alone or until you are free of them.

When you have cognitive behavior therapy, one of the things you will learn is deep breathing and relaxation exercises. You can take this further and learn meditation or yoga if you wish. These have excellent health benefits besides helping you with your panic attacks.

Doctor’s advices

Your therapist will also recommend some lifestyle changes such as exercising for about half an hour each day. This can be your yoga session or a stroll in the park. Exercise helps because you breathe better (more deeply) and of course it will help you to sleep better too. You will be advised to reduce stimulants from your diets, such as sugars, caffeine, alcohol and drugs, and to replace them with fruit and vegetables.